The Basis for Liability Against the DSHS

In child abuse cases in Washington State involving those in the foster care system, the State of Washington (through DSHS) is not automatically liable if a foster parent abuses a child.  Instead, DSHS must be shown to be have been negligent in some manner in order to incur liability.  This posting discusses some of the…

On the Docket

Welcome to our “On the Docket” page.  This page contains information about the DSHS cases in which we are currently representing clients.

Why These Matters Should Be Important to You.

When DSHS engages in egregious conduct that results in harm, catastrophic injury, mental anguish, and even death, we believe that the public has the right to know the facts and circumstances surrounding such cases, and to demand that DSHS change its methods so that such harm and injury does does not continue to occur.  On our website we will upload publicly available filings and may add our commentary to explain how a case is progressing through the court system.

In many of our cases, the facts are beyond tragic – they are appalling to any reasonably sensibilities.  Rapists are allowed unsupervised access to children.   Obvious physical and emotional neglect goes unreported.  People with violent criminal histories are allowed to interact with foster children.  Foster parents physically and sexually abuse and starve foster children.

In many of our cases, DSHS attempts to avoid liability by claiming ignorance of the critical facts as an excuse for its wrongful actions.  This cannot be tolerated.

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