Sadly, there are many different ways in which those in Washington’s foster care program can suffer from abuse or neglect, including the following:

  • Physical abuse, which can include broken bones, lacerations, and injuries arising from being hit, beaten, punched, kicked, or slapped;
  • Sexual abuse, including rape;
  • Verbal abuse, which can consist of being yelled at, called names, ridiculed, or threatened;
  • Psychological abuse, which can consist of being placed in fear of harm;
  • Emotional abuse, which can consist of words and actions taken to demean the integrity of a person; and
  • Abuse from starvation and isolation, which can included being locked away and malnourished.

How We Help Those Abused in Foster Care

As experienced Washington foster abuse lawyers, we have seen many cases of great tragedy and abuse, including severe beatings, rape, confinement to closets for weeks or months, starvation, and death.

When abuse is committed against those in foster care, it is critical to determine why such acts took place to ensure that such abuse will never again occur.  It is also important to seek full compensation for those who have been injured and abused.

At Ressler & Tesh, we have long been committed to the welfare of children and vulnerable adults in Washington’s foster care system.  Unfortunately, the State of Washington, through DSHS and CPS, sometimes fails to adequately screen foster parents or to fully investigate the environments into which foster children are being placed.  As a result, people who should never be allowed near children or vulnerable adults are accepted as foster parents.  Subsequently, DSHS may fail to adequately monitor the conditions of those in foster care to ensure that abuse is not occurring.

When DSHS is Negligent, Those in Foster Care Pay the Price.  This is Not Right.

Our children and vulnerable adults deserve better treatment.  While we cannot criminally prosecute those responsible for heinous abuse (this is the job of the state), we can and will seek full compensation for our clients from the State of Washington and its agencies when they negligently fail to do their job.  This is the only way that we can seek to hold state agencies accountable for their actions.

If You or a Loved One Has Suffered from Abuse Arising from Foster Care, Please Call Us

We will be there to represent you or your loved one and to seek justice and full compensation for all wrongdoing.  We will do everything we can to show state agencies that their failure to ensure the safety of those placed into foster care will not be tolerated.

Please call us to schedule a free, no obligation consultation to find out more about the legal opportunities available to seek compensation from those responsible for neglect and inflicting abuse in foster care.

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