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Tucson Sisters Imprisoned for Months

Tucson Sisters Imprisoned for Months; Locked in Bedrooms and Subjected to Physical and Sexual Abuse On Wednesday, November 27, 2013, the Tucson Police Department announced the arrest of a mother and stepfather on numerous charges of child abuse, including suspicion of kidnapping, emotional child abuse, physical child abuse, and sexual abuse with a person younger…

J.W. v. State of Washington

DSHS was aware that a foster father had previous inappropriate contacts with minors.  Nonetheless, J.W. was placed with him and was sexually abused. For more information on this case, please see the Washington DSHS / CPS Complaint.

Arizona to Investigate Why More Than 6,000 Child Abuse Reports Were Ignored

The Director of the Arizona Department of Economic Security, which oversees child welfare, is under fire for the non-investigation of 6,110 reports of child abuse between 2009 and 2013. Response to this news has been met with shock and concern. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer called the uninvestigated cases “unconscionable,” and said “This is absolutely unacceptable….

The Basis for Liability Against the DSHS

In child abuse cases in Washington State involving those in the foster care system, the State of Washington (through DSHS) is not automatically liable if a foster parent abuses a child.  Instead, DSHS must be shown to be have been negligent in some manner in order to incur liability.  This posting discusses some of the…